Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Colette Shorts! Madeleine Mini Bloomer Review

Seems as though I'm on a shorts-making kick this summer! Kind of ironic, considering I'm more of a skirt and dress kind of girl. In any case, I recently came across Colette's free pattern for the Madeleine Mini Bloomers and thought they were so adorable! And I figured I didn't have much to lose trying them out, considering the pattern was free (!) and I had plenty of fabric leftover from my last shorts-sewing extravaganza.

Here's some pics! BTW, I won't be modeling these for photos as they are quite brief...very cute to wear, but I draw a line on sharing that on the interwebs! ;)

My pattern review:
Such an easy pattern and a quick sew! Literally, an hour or two to sew these up. A perfect project for a beginner. In fact, there's only 2 pattern pieces, and the only part I found time-consuming was inserting all that elastic and ribbon in the casings. The waistline is made with 2 rows of 1/4" elastic and then there is another casing for ribbon ties at each leg opening. Next time around, I will sew my casings a little more accurately so I don't run into any difficulties inserting the elastic.

Another note: cut this pattern for your hip measurement, not your waist size. My hips are quite narrow, so I should've cut a size smaller. I had to take this pattern in at least an inch and it's still a little poofy in the hip. "Normal" hips should have no problem, though. Of course, since I like to make patterns in multiples, I've already cut fabric for two more pairs...both in a silkier rayon blend. I'm really excited to see how those wear in an even lighter, more lingerie-y type fabric! The pair above is made from a relatively lightweight cotton poplin, which is perfect for summertime wear.

Next up will be a review of Colette's Lily dress! I just finished it last weekend in Amy Butler Kasbah fabric with a aqua chevron accent fabric. Really, really pretty.
Honestly, Kasbah is way more "pattern" that I'm used to wearing...but I still love how it turned out. Then I'm done with Colette for awhile...she and I need some space. Ha! I'm moving on to Sis Boom now, specifically the Angie dress. Jennifer Paganelli, I hope your fit will be kind to me! ;)


Unknown August 10, 2012 at 2:31 PM  

These are so sweet! Wish I could sew!