Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lotus Sew-a-Long Day 2: Sewing

Hey there! It's our Amy Butler Lotus Tunic Sew-a-long week and now we're getting into some real work here! Monday we traced and cut our fabric pattern pieces and Day 2 was the start of sewing them together, which is always exciting! I love seeing the garment come together!

The first step was to tackle the darts for our back pieces. Here are some pics...

 Dart from the "wrong" side
 Completed dart
Remember, I decided to sew 2 tops for myself and then I added a third top per the request of my sister. I'm a nice sister, right? Ha ha! Actually, I'm not sure if I'll finish hers this week, but it's good to get a head start!

Although the pattern called for inserting the zipper practically right away, I decided to hold off until Day 3 because I realized that I didn't have the right zipper on hand. It won't change the final product anyway. Here are my three Lotus tops through Step 8 of the pattern:
I just love the sweetheart neckline on these tops! I've never sewn a garment like that and I'm definitely happy with the look. 

Then I attached the upper bodice pieces. Easing around this curve wasn't so much fun, but I was getting more efficient by my third top! Still, check out how many pins I needed!
It was about 10:30pm when I called it quits, and here's some shots of how far I got...
At this point, I'm all the way through Step 10 (minus inserting zippers) and ready to start sewing my muslin linings. I'm actually not too thrilled with the color combo on my sister's green/aqua Sandlewood top. I hate to change it now, but I plan on getting her opinion ASAP and proceed accordingly!

Just a quick sure to try on your top at this point and see if any fit adjustments are needed. I tried on my sister's top first and decided to use a smaller seam allowance on my two tops where the shoulder attaches. I happen to be quite tall (5'11") and I could use a tiny bit more length in that area compared to her smaller stature. Otherwise, I was very happy with the fit and really looking forward to wearing these tops eventually!!

Next up...two more days of sewing, and then Friday to finish up! Check out our Flickr group for more pics and also please visit my friend Cara's site, My Little Lady Designs, to read all about her progress with the Lotus Sew-a-Long!