Monday, May 7, 2012

Lotus Tunic Sew-a-Long: Tracing and Cutting

Today's the big day! For those of you who are just joining us, we are starting a sew-a-long for the beautiful Amy Butler Lotus Tunic Top. Check out or join or Flickr group for even more pics and you can follow along with our progress on this blog or my sew-a-long partner's blog: My Little Lady Designs!
 All ready to trace this pattern and cut my fabric...

By the way, I've decided to cut two tops and sew them both this week. Wish me luck! Actually, my sister saw how cute this pattern is and immediately wanted me to make a top for her too, so I might add a third to the mix if I can squeeze out enough time! I'm pretty busy as a stay-at-home mom with three kids aged 4 and under, so I'm not super optimistic about finishing it all!

A few notes about this pattern...the pieces are in tissue like a traditional McCall's or Simplicity pattern. I'm not a fan of that. Since I've been exposed to digital patterns on paper, I just prefer their sturdiness. Oh well! I also like to use parchment paper to trace my pattern pieces, when/if they'll fit. Then I can re-use them and not worry about tearing or excessive crinkling.

Here's my Amy Butler Sandlewood fabric:
Since I didn't have a full 2 yards of this fabric on hand, I decided to make a hip-length version of the Lotus Tunic. Thus, I trimmed 5 inches from the bottom of each body pattern piece. The other option for a shorted top was to use the Cami pattern, but I wasn't as happy with how the fit looked on example pieces I've seen or having buttons up the back.

Here are some of my Sandlewood pieces with my coordinating fabric, Lodge Lattice by Joel Dewberry:
For my second top, I scrounged up some random fabric made for Joann stores that I barely remember buying. That's okay...since I had two yards, I was set to make a full-on tunic! I chose Amy Butler's Fresh Poppies in fuchsia for the coordinating fabric...
Not a super hard pattern to trace and cut, but time-consuming. There are six pattern pieces and almost all of them need to also be cut out in a lining fabric (muslin). I just finished my muslin pieces, and I didn't bother with pics of those, alas. Just happy to still be on schedule! :)

Next up...two days of solid sewing! Ha, I wish. More like two days with a few stolen hours of sewing during my kids' naptimes and after they go to bed for the night! Here's a recap of this week's schedule:

Monday (May 7): Tracing and Cutting Pattern
Tuesday-Thursday (May 8-10): Sewing
Friday (May 11): Finishing

I'm so excited to get started tomorrow, especially now that I can more easily envision the finished product! Hope you can join us! :)