Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Projects Complete!

How are your Easter projects going? For once, I'm actually done ahead of time. This never happens!! Just wanted to quickly post a few pics of the heirloom Easter dress I finished yesterday for my daughter, plus the coordinating accessories I made for my two boys. Everybody's going to look so dapper!

The fabric is Tanya Whelan's Picnic Damask and then I made an overlay with silk organza edged with three-tier lace. I also added a pleated eyelet trim to bottom edge of the skirt.
The dress includes lace butterfly sleeves and a long sash at the waist. I made up my own pattern as I went from mostly impromptu ideas. I really let my creativity loose on this one!! :)

Here are the matching ties I made for my sons. The oldest gets to wear the "daddy tie" and my baby boy will wear a bow tie this Easter Sunday. 
Can't wait to see my kiddos in their new finery! I just finished constructing some matching hair clips for my daughter and I, but haven't gotten a chance to take pics. Hopefully I can update this post later on with more photos! Take care and have a wonderful Easter weekend!