Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Dress Preview

As part of my mission to sew more clothing items for my daughter, I've been working on a very special Easter dress these past few nights. Here's a preview photo of the work in progress from yesterday afternoon...

This dress is made from Tanya Whelan's Picnic Damask fabric with a silk organza overskirt. I happened to have some fancy-schmansy organza in storage from wedding supplies I purchased a long time ago. Feels great to put it to good use! :) I made up my own pattern as I went along, but I'm using an old romper pattern from my youngest son's baptism outfit to guide me through. I added a three-layer lace as edging to the overskirt and did three levels of pintucks just above the lace.

Really, I think I deserve something so fancy and pretty too! I'll have to think of how to use some lace and pintucks on an adult garment...hmmm...

Hope all of your Easter projects are going great! My next step is to install the zipper on this dress and finally be done. Then I'm making coordinating accessories for my boys. I'm thinking of ties or belts?? Have a fabulous day!