Monday, April 2, 2012

Cabo Halter Sew-a-Long

It's my first sew-a-long, and I'm so excited! My good friend from My Little Lady Designs is participating and when she shared the info with me, I couldn't resist! Living with Punks, a great blog with so many cool sewing tutorials, is hosting the project. Here's the link: Amy Butler Cabo Halter Sew-a-Long.

It just sounds like so much fun to make myself a summer top (or 2) with actual timelines/deadlines to motivate me. Maybe (hopefully!) this project actually gets completed. ;) I haven't totally decided what fabric I'm going to use, but I have about 2 yards of Picnic Damask in Yellow by Tanya Whelan leftover from my daughter's Easter dress.
Otherwise, I also have a large chunk of Temple Garland in Clay by Amy Butler...
Hmmm...maybe these fabrics would look good together! We'll see. I have been trying to whittle down my giant fabric stash these days. I just gave my mom a big bunch of fabric with her promises to make simple peasant-style summer nightgowns for my daughter. Excited for those!! Otherwise, I'm hoping to use the whole month of April to work on a few outfits for my kids...shorts for the boys and dresses for my a skirt or two for me. Should be fun!

Next week I hope to post some pics of my daughter's Easter dress! I'm making my own pattern for this and I'm still working out the details. All I know is that I have a lot of cute lace to use and too many ideas!!! Have a great week. :)