Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cabo Halter Day 3: Zipper, etc.

Wow, it's been busy couple of days doing this Cabo Halter sew-a-long! All my kids' afternoon nap-times and plenty of my evening hours have been devoted to sewing these days, but well worth it. Just to catch you up, I'm participating in an Amy Butler pattern sew-a-long via Living with Punks. You can revisit the details at the links below:

Cabo Halter Sew-a-Long Intro
Day 1: Cutting Fabric
Day 2: Sewing the Bodice

Here are some pics of my progress from Day 3! All is done except the hem on my Temple Garland piece!!!

Most of Day 3 involved sewing the body pieces and attaching the zipper. I had to rip and re-sew my seams a few times on the yellow shirt I completed first. I just couldn't get the side seams to match up exactly the first time around! I had the fabric pieces pinned okay, but I guess I nudged it out of line somehow while sewing. Oh well, I compensated accordingly on the Temple Garland halter and no problems arose.

There are tons of tutorials and videos online about sewing zippers, but I use a method I learned from the Sew Mama Sew blog. Click HERE for her tutorial. It's basically in line with what my mom told me, but fuses the zipper directly to the garment before sewing, eliminating pins and any wonkiness. I love it!!

Day 4 is up next, devoted to finishing up the garments. I'm going to install my hook and eye closures, do some ironing and then call it a day! :)