Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cabo Halter Day 2: Bodice

Day 2 of Living with Punks' Amy Butler Cabo Halter Sew-a-Long is here and I'm almost done with both of my garments already! Man, I am getting so speedy at sewing now that I rearranged my sewing nook and I can leave all of my projects out to tackle whenever I have a spare moment. Here are some shots of the bodices I finished last night, but check out the Flicker group to see more pics of everyone's work so far!

I'm making two halters simultaneously, just because I know I'll get sidetracked and never go back to make more with this pattern later!
I thought they were so cute when I draped them to check the fit, and I'm really excited to finish up!! Check out my original post HERE for more details on this Sew-a-Long.