Saturday, November 19, 2011

Annoucing Our Newest Creation

Hello Dear Reader! Sorry it has taken me so long to finally update this blog with an announcement about my newest son's birth. Whoops. Can't you tell that adding a third child to our family has really rocked my world???! Anyhow, here's a pic of our darling Finnian Kai at 3 weeks old with his dear Momma...

What a peapod! He was born at 7lbs 10oz and 19.5" long. Hard to believe he's already five months old and nearly 20lbs now. Clearly, we grow 'em big in Wisconsin. ;)

Look guys! I found a baby bunny in the back yard! Can we keep him??

Okay, I can't resist putting up at least one more photo of Finn...this time in a pumpkin hat that I knit a few months ago. I'm thinking of offering this pattern in my shop eventually.

Finn is really not so much the stoic baby that these photos imply, but seems to be taking after his sister who greatly dislikes posing for photos. Oh well!

Check out my entourage. Am I a lucky mom or what? 

 Just wanted to quickly update you that our shop is open just until December 1st. We have some fun offerings for the early Christmas shopper such as Grandma's scallop-edged handknit baby legs, Baby Belle cloth dolls (perfect for baby's Christmas stocking!) and, of course, handstamped jewelry. Check it out here at Fancybelle Boutique on Etsy if you get a chance. Otherwise, I'll be committing the month of December to catching up on my other sewing and knitting projects. I hope to write more details about those in the weeks to come!

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!