Friday, April 9, 2010

Feel Good Friday: Crawling & Cuddling

Welcome to my first time joining in on Feel Good Friday, hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up! I've chosen to list 5 things that made me really happy this week. No matter how bad or boring you think your week was, I bet you can find 5 things. I sure did...and here they are! 

1. My dad made it back from the Philippines "in one piece" (ha!)
My father stopped by for a visit after being in the Philippines for 3 months with his wife's family. What fun stories he had to share about debacles in the airport and adventures in the Dumaguete countryside! Too bad that the Filipino summer heat and humidity didn't agree with Mr. Wisconsinite...he's in no hurry to return, ha.

2. Lucy Belle crawls! 
My daughter started crawling EVERYWHERE this week. Last week she was still only crawling backwards and rolling wherever she wanted to go, but now there's no holding her back. She was actually playing with the alphabet magnets on our fridge yesterday! The times, they are a changin'. 

3. Only one little person in diapers
Yep, my son has graduated to "undies" and already has his favorite pairs...ha ha. It's been a few weeks already, but it finally dawned on me today how nice it is with just only one child's diapers to deal with. A thing to be celebrated!! The diaper genie is thankful, too.

4. Toasted southern pecan coffee
Can you believe that only 3 years ago I never drank coffee? Now that the caffeine floodgates are open, there's no turning back...I'm addicted! YUM. 

5. My dog turned to my almost 3-year-old son in a time of distress
Let's keep it real, my 5-pound longhaired Chihuahua Lia (AKA "Woobie") is no buddy of my son's. He generally terrifies her, unless there's food bribery involved...too noisy, too many sudden movements. 

But last night when my husband was loudly testing out some steel stamps for making personalized hand-stamped jewelry for my shop, Fancybelle Boutique, the dog ran straight into my son's arms! 

He was so sweet with her...wrapped her up in his favorite blankets and cuddled her until she stopped shaking. Adorable! 

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Anonymous April 9, 2010 at 12:55 PM  

My ex husband married a girl from the Philippines and she is 20 years younger than him. At first i was skeptical until I met her - what a delight! She is the most wonderful woman in the world (and she treats Emily like gold)Our little ones even play together :-)

Oh man - crawling - what fun! I loved chasing Sarah around. Plus I lost a bunch of weight to-boot!

A HUGE DEAL with the underwear!!! We are potty training Sarah and that is just so much fun I tell ya!!

Thank you so much for playing along!! Enjoy the GORGEOUS weather!

J.B. April 9, 2010 at 1:10 PM  

I'm from FGF and enjoy your post. My favorite part is your son comforting the dog. Thanks.

Joey Lynn Resciniti April 9, 2010 at 5:59 PM  

Big boy undies are enough happiness all on their own! Congratulations!

Bridgette April 9, 2010 at 6:45 PM  

Thanks J.B. and JoeyRes! :)

The Girl: Filipinos really dote on their kids, don't they? My dad's wife is a sweetheart, and has quite the sense of humor! She started calling his long feet "ships", ha ha. They have a 20-year age gap too, but are quite happy together.

Hope you got out to enjoy the nice temps today! :)