Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday: Bedroom Re-Do Part III

I finally figured out a new furniture arrangement for my bedroom--a big step for me. :) I'm a little spatially challenged, to say the least. But floorplanner.com helped a ton. Now I just need to mobilize my helpers (husband, sister) to do the heavy lifting for me.

This Tuesday, I tackled my first sewing project since my spinal fusion surgery a month ago. But first, I had to re-organize all of my sewing supplies and sift through my fabric collection...just so I could remember which supplies I had available. Yep, it's been that long. Hello, Amy Butler. Hello, Alexander Henry. Nice to see you guys again.

Getting my bedroom workspace under control brings me about 80% towards completing my bedroom re-do. I can't wait to be finished!

Here's a before shot of the bed:


 And after...with the bed frame:

I love how it looks!

More home design inspiration I found online...there's something interesting and useful here for everyone...

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