Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday: Bedroom Re-Do Part II

It seems my dream of a bedroom redesign is about halfway there! It's been almost a month since my spinal fusion (wow, time flies) and I returned home over the weekend to a totally re-arranged bedroom. My husband surprised me by setting up the oak bed frame my mom passed on to us and flip-flopping the room set-up! I can't believe how much bigger the room looks, even with more furniture.

the "new" bed

If you're thinking about moving some of your furniture around too, check out the Floorplanner website. It's a fun online tool that allows you to make a detailed 3-D floorplan, including furniture. I loved this! Perfect for envisioning the room ahead of time from a variety of spatial perspectives.

Still there is more work to be done before my room is complete.
I need to organize my work station and change up all the wall photos and paintings. I'm also going to create a focal point by hanging my grandmother's heirloom patchwork quilt behind the headboard of our bed. It's such a gorgeous quilt in blue, white and tan...and it's too pretty to be used just as a bed covering.

It was my grandmother's tradition that each grandchild, upon their marriage, was allowed to select a handmade quilt from a special selection she had previously set aside. A perfect wedding gift! My aunt is now in charge of doling out the remaining quilts to the youngest family members, according to my late grandma's specifications. I look forward to creating a similar tradition within my own little family someday!

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