Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shop Notes: 12/8/09

First of all...let me say a big Happy Half-Birthday to my daughter Lucy Belle, who turns 6 months old today! :) :) :)

My shop, Fancybelle Boutique, is looking a mite sparse suddenly! It's actually pretty exciting in a way, because my sale on Baby Belle cloth dolls was so successful over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday shop-a-thon.

I'm now old hat at shipping internationally...it's just incredible to think someone in Japan has a set of my ponytail holders!

Please note that I decided to remove my listings for most of my made-to-order handknit items until after the holidays. This is due to my own time constraints through Christmas. I have lots of family gifts to make!! :) 

If you are looking for handknit baby legs that are ready to ship, I have three pairs that will be posted later this week. My grandmother, an incredible knitter, prepared these for the shop and added a darling little picot lacy edge to each! So cute.

Also keep an eye out for two roll-up knitting needle cases, designed with 10 pockets for 7" double pointed needles. Ideal for that knitter on your Christmas list. Bigger cases for longer knitting needles are in the works as well, for those of you with many different sizes to accommodate.

Oh, I almost forgot!! Folks have been contacting me about more Baby Belle dolls and I have about 10 ready to sew, so please let me know if there's a particular doll you're interested in. My own daughter is getting a set for Christmas and they really do look adorable peeking out of a Christmas stocking!

Okay, take care and have an awesome week--more project photos and part II of my Crafty Faves is coming up this Wednesday. :)