Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Blessings!

What a fun month it's been, getting geared up for Christmas! I'm so excited to see what my daughter Lucy thinks of all the boxes and paper this year.  I made her a few things and bought some books, but I know better than to go nuts with gifts at her age. My son Zach will probably lose it when he sees his presents! It's going to be a blast. :) 
My shop will be on "vacation" until 2010! And this is probably my last post until the new year. Hard to grasp that this year is nearly over! Since I'm not doing a Wednesday Crafty Wrap-Up tomorrow, here's a shot of the new hair bow holder I made for my daughter's room. 

I made it out of an old picture frame, after the glass broke. You can get a similar effect by attaching fabric over a layer of batting to a piece of cardboard.

 I just pinned the ribbons to the underside of the cardboard before reassembling the photo frame. In fact, everything is pinned so I can easily switch out fabric or reconfigure the ribbons. I like to keep things flexible! :)

May you all be blessed this Holiday Season and may the *real* meaning of Christmas remain ever before us!