Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Crafty Wrap-Up #1

I'm starting a new weekly feature: the Wednesday Crafty Wrap-up! Just another way to chat about my recent projects and crafty adventures before I forget the details. With two kids, a husband in night class and a day-trip to Wisconsin, it's been a hectic several days around here. I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday, much less what happened a week ago. :)

In all the chaos, I managed to

finish up an adorable set of cloth play blocks in baby boy fabrics. This set of 3 jingly blocks in graduated sizes is on its way to becoming a baby shower gift for my cousin's cousin.

Gotta love these Alexander Henry and Michael Miller fabrics! Perfect boyish colors, but also perfectly fine for a girl too. These blocks really "grow" with your baby. At first, they work great for a baby who's practicing how to grab hold objects. The bright colors and the jingle bell sound really capture their attention.

As baby grows, the blocks are wonderful for tossing and stacking. Even cuddling. My 2 1/2 year old son Zach loved to "steal" his baby sister's blocks so I made a large cloth block just for him! He loves to play catch with Daddy and then snuggles with the block at nighty-night time. :)

I made Zach's special Choo-Choo block in one short afternoon. My son was super-excited to help stuff the block and was a terrific little helper, handing me piece after piece of the hypo-allergenic, ultra-plush polyfill that I keep on hand for sewing projects. Zach wasn't too pleased about waiting for me to sew up the seam before he could play with it, but he was full of "Thank you's" when it was all done!

Short circular needles are now my very best friends! I just purchased a 12" Addi needle that is definitely helping me knit faster than ever. In fact, I finished up an order of two cupcake hats and a pink beanie in just a few days. I went with a double rib stitch for the base of the cupcakes.

Even my husband noticed how much more it looks like a cupcake wrapper this way. I love to bounce crafting ideas off of him, even though the only crafting he's ever done is knitting one perfect square...just to prove he could do it. Of course, he had to unravel it about a billion times because attaining perfection, but he did it! sewing machine cover prototype, in progress!

You'll have to use your imagination on this one, but I think you can see how cute the contrasting fabrics will be on their reversible cover. Next, I just need to add the ties and sew up all the seams. Why am I procrastinating on this? Maybe because it's easier just to drape it as-is on my machine and go back to my multitude of knitting projects!

More time to get back to my knitting needles!