Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday: Oh Dust

Not Me! Monday! was created by MckMama, so we can share a few minor imperfections and get some laughs out of our similarities. If you want to join in, head over to her blog and link up there!

I most certainly did NOT neglect to dust the house for at least 3 weeks, and then finally notice once I moved a pile of knitting needles that sat on my vanity for that same length of time because I was definitely going to use them AT ANY best to keep them at arm's length in case inspiration strikes during my 5am baby feeding wake-up call.

I did NOT also trip over a gigantic laundry basket right next to my bed this morning because I always hang our clean laundry the instant it gets out of the dryer. That being said, my clothes are NOT ever wrinkly from sitting in a pile for a week to 12 days. Ooops! :)