Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday: Goodbye, Thanksgiving

This holiday, I totally did NOT wait until the last minute to decide I'm making a turkey, then spend all of Thanksgiving Eve submitting said turkey to cold water baths just to thaw it out in time.

No way, I never procrastinate like that!

I also did NOT
make the most perfectly delicious Martha Stewart turkey, basted in white wine and butter, to just turn around and stuff it with boring, pre-made stuffing cubes that only liberal servings of gravy will save. And I most certainly did NOT feel guilty about it when my mother-in-law discussed how she made what was probably a very delicious and complex stuffing with apples and cranberries for their holiday meal. Le sigh.

And I subsequently did NOT feel bad about feeling guilty over something so silly and little! Because I have two little kids, one of whom is not even 6 months old yet and totally unable to help bathe a frozen turkey at 30 minute intervals.

No help from my toddler either! Zach was much too busy rampaging through the house demanding to know where his red car went and denying that he had to go "cotty". Although, to be fair, my son sometimes took a few short breaks to "wake Daddy", who was trying to sleep off the effects of a random overnight shift at work.

At least my loyal Chihuahua earned her keep by cleaning up some of the food I dropped while cooking. Whatever Zach didn't step in, basically. ;P

I kid, I kid. Thanksgiving Day actually turned out pretty fabulous. Martha didn't let me down--the turkey was delish! No one but me cared or noticed that the crescent rolls were out of a can. Pulling it all together at the last minute was a lot of work, but I was happy to do it. These are the joys of establishing family traditions and having young children to share them with!

And my dad actually made it here this year. My kids loved their Grandpa. Life is good.

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