Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Items Coming Soon!

The holidays are fast approaching and I'm hoping to get a few new items stocked in my store before "Black Friday", aka the day after Thanksgiving. For sure I'll have four new pairs of Baby Belle Handknit Baby Legs in pink and purple colors and a new set of Girly Girl Baby Blocks listed in the next week. Also, I plan to make several knit hats in toddler and baby sizes for those chilly winter days ahead.

I'm super excited to announce a new line of items geared to the crafty--knitters and sewers!
These are great gift ideas for crafty types in your family or circle of friends. Anyone who is seriously into knitting ends up with quite a messy situation when it comes to organizing their needles. Most double-pointed needles and circular needles aren't even marked with their size.

The solution? Numbered needle cases! My new cases can be either rolled up for storage or hung on the wall next to your work station, for quick access.

For sewers, I'll have wrist pin cushions (a truly indispensable tool!) in a variety of designer fabrics. The pin cushion itself is detachable so you can switch from wrist to tabletop use.

Also coming soon: reversible and adjustable sewing machine covers featuring a small storage pocket on the front, just right for tucking in notes or stray sewing tidbits. 

Time to run! My kids are enthralled with "Blues Clues" and it's time to get dinner going. Hope you all had a terrific weekend! :)