Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Organic Yarn Choices and More

I'm so proud to announce that Fancybelle Boutique is also featuring three shades of gorgeous organic yarn for all handknit items--almond, strawberry and khaki. I'm using Nature's Choice all-cotton organic yarn, grown and spun without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Not only is it super soft, the dyes used to color this yarn are certified organic as well!

I also have some new yarn color choices for my Baby Belle collection of handknit items--including baby legs, baby hats and ballet booties.

Love these girly-girl shades of light pink, lavender and linen!

Right after selling two sets of blocks over the last few days, I'm thrilled to be starting a new set of blocks for a baby boy on-the-way!

On the way to their new homes...

Girly Girl Baby Blocks in Amy Butler Fabrics

Boy Blocks with Elephants, Cars and Birds