Friday, November 6, 2009

20 Sales!

My teeny-weeny shop that started from nothing just a couple of months ago has now hit twenty sales!


I actually need to replenish my inventory on a few things, and that's a great step forward. My new sewing machine will be getting a workout in the coming weeks, but it's definitely up for the challenge. I've been trying it out on a few small trials and it's a revelation. Love it.

Over the next week I'll be working on
filling an order for three baby hats, two are cupcakes. I also want to try making some mittens. I like making small things, the work goes so much faster! I'm also excited to start working with a bunch of sumptious Alpaca yarn I recently purchased to make matching knit hats for me and Lucy Belle. Gorgeous, and tres expensive, but so warm and soft.

Yarn stash...waiting to be deployed...

While I'm working, I've been watching season 5 of "Grey's Anatomy". I've discovered their dramatic formula! On every episode...
1) doctor has a complete emotional meltdown, usually in front of colleagues and/or patients
2) someone makes an inspirational/heart-warming/thought-provoking speech
3) crazy patient does something crazy
4) characters pine after or sleep with someone they work with
5) crazy doctor does something crazy
6) someone dies or almost dies

Thus...DRAMA. Makes the knitting just fly by. Try it and see!