Thursday, October 22, 2009

Special Sale Next Week

I've decided to offer a special sale price on my Baby Belle cloth dolls next week. I'm thinking perhaps 20% off! I just love making these sweet little dolls and picking out new fabric combinations for each. In fact, there might be a few new dollies to choose from in the very near future!!

In the meantime,
I'm busy knitting...knitting...knitting. Every time I list my Baby Belle leggings, they seem to get purchased. Nothing to complain about here, but I should take a break soon so I can work on my other projects. Custom orders for knitted items are just so much fun, albeit time-consuming. :)

Today is my appointment with the neurosurgeon and I hope to have a surgery date set then. Fancybelle Boutique will be closed temporarily while I recover from the spinal fusion surgery. Since I won't be able to sit more than 30 minutes/day at first, I'm guessing my shop will be on hiatus for several weeks. More details to follow!