Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beyond Cute Baby Ballet Slippers

I am getting close to perfecting my new knitting pattern for baby ballet slippers. You see, Lucy Belle is going to be a ballerina for Halloween. She has the tutu already, but what self-respecting ballerina could go without beautiful lace-up toe shoes? So I've made her a pair of the yarn variety. Darling!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a listing up for your choice of custom knit ballet booties. Also coming soon...
Baby Belle leggings made with organic yarn AND fleece Baby Belle leg warmers. Winter is upon us--time to get those squishy little baby legs all nice and cozy. :)

Rumor has that I'll soon be purchasing a gorgeous, brand-new, all fancy, totally computerized sewing machine! My grandmother's Riccar is a perfectly wonderful machine that has truly stood the test of time, but I'm excited to jump on the "automatic threader" bandwagon. I could even find accessories in an actual store, instead of resorting to obscure online sewing outlets. Squeee! I'm excited!